Early VOX T60 amplifiers - black panel

late 1962 - early 1964

Early Vox T60s are fairly thin on the ground these days. Neither design nor topology, unfortunately, were really capable of standing the test of time.

Today in 2018 probably fewer than two dozen of these early black panel amps survive.

Some general characteristics: produced by Burndept for Vox (note the stamped chassis numbers); Woden transformers; cases without vents; Hunts capacitors; Mullard transistors; and Radiospares diodes.

The outer wooden cases were largely covered in black or grey rexine, black pebble pattern being the most common. Some amplifiers and their accompanying speaker cabinets were done in fawn, however.

Some early covers survive - in green and burgundy plasti-leather, no logo - probably from early 1964. Later, covers were produced in black with "VOX" in white.

Serial numbers begin at 100 or 101. Black panels gave way to copper certainly by the time of serial numbers in the mid 400s, perhaps earlier.

Early chassis have a large circular hole near the mains transformer and cut-outs in the rear upright (all three to enable the amp to be set up as a ).

A black panel showing the cut-outs in question

Initially, 4 x 15" speakers were recommended for full 60 watt output. See the catalogue blurb issued in late 1962 .

Stockholm, i Kungliga Tennishallen, 26th October 1963. The rear of McCartney's T60 is just visible lower left. For more on Pauls' T60, .

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Serial number 161 - currently in the USA

The transformers look like Albions. The driver transformer has the part number 42756. One of the main Hunts filter capacitors has the date code "TYI" = 40th week of 1963.

Serial number 248 - currently in the USA

The amplifier's serial number plate added to a T60 speaker cabinet. The cabinet is not the original, however. Note the basketweave covering.

Serial number 268 - currently in the UK

The green cover probably from 1964 and one of a pair (the other being burgundy) is not original to this amp. All cables, visible in the second pic. are, however.

Photograph flipped to show the pot code in the mirror: "JJ" = October 1962.

Probably from early / mid 1963. Chassis number 01006. The Woden transformers have the date code "LT" = November 1962. The amp does not have the modifications of 10th October 1963 noted on the second schematic.


Serial number 304 - currently in the USA

Pic. from Jim Elyea's book, "Vox Amplifiers: the JMI Years". The amp, which has a black panel, is said to date from January 1964. Probably no. 304.

Serial no. 304 is said to have no cut-outs for connectors in the rear upright of it chassis - but the transition to this new form of chassis was evidently not a quick one.

Serial number 311 - currently in the UK

Sold on ebay in 2006. Complete with its 1x12" + 1x15" speaker cab with perspex logo. Note that the BASS flag is at top - normally it should be bottom right. But its position may be original. These flags were often mounted in apparently eccentric ways in early days (directly beneath the VOX logo on AC30 Super Twin amplifier sections, for instance).

Certainly by serial number 469, probably substantially earlier, copper panels had been introduced - in terms of date, early 1964.

Black panels - serial numbers unknown


Serial number unknown - currently in the USA

The chassis is now in a later box (with vents on top), serial number 1163 on the plate. Thanks to Jake for the pictures.

Serial number unknown - currently in France

Paired with what may be a 2x15" speaker cabinet from 1964. A speaker out jack socket has been added to the amp's control panel.

Serial number unknown - currently in the UK

Sold on ebay in the early 2010s. Covering removed from both amp and cab. The cab retains its original perspex logo, however. The amp's logo is at right, as number 268 above. The control panel looks more copper than black, but given the lighting, it is hard to be sure. The vent at front appears to have a central "pillar".

Serial number unknown - likely to have been in the 300s - currently in the UK

The Woden driver transformer has the date code "LT" = November 1962. Pot codes are all 1963, the latest being "KK" = November 1963, suggesting the amp was made very early in 1964, if not late '63. No stamped Burndept serial number. The original blue Hunts capacitors survive. Note that the lettering on the control panel is finer than on earlier amps. Compare serial no. 268, below, with the pic a little way above.

Serial no. 268

By serial number 469, copper panels certainly had been introduced - in terms of date, early 1964.

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