The Vox Transonic - the T60 in a different guise

Vox enters the space age. Although it is sometimes said that Vox Transonics were never used in a live environment, reports from Peter Jay (of the Jaywalkers), and the pictures below of Jamie and the Raiders and The Fontanas indicate otherwise.

"Beat Monthly" magazine, May 1963. Picture often reproduced but without the date and source, both important. The Jaywalkers had two Transonics that were used live. Both disintegrated alas.

Early Vox Transonic

Note that the logo of the Transonic was borrowed from the early Vox Continental organs. In the picture above, Roger Mabey of "The Saxons" with a version 1 Continental from 1962.

Jamie and the Raiders, posed shot.

Jamie and the Raiders live. Pictures

The Fontanas with an early Vox Transonic amplifier

The Fontanas, a Wakefield band. Picture .

Vox Transonic amplifier

Screen-grab from . "SOR" is "Sale or Return".