VOX T60 and MT60 amplifiers - grey panel - 1964-1967

late 1964 - 1968

In progress - March 2021

Grille cloth is now black. From around June 1964 speakers are silver (poly grey). A good number of amps were exported to the U.S.A. where they were re-christened "The Bristol Bass".

The earliest T60s - black panels (late 1962 - early 1964) - . Copper panel amps from 1964 .

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Link voltage selector

Serial number unknown - currently in the USA

Serial number unknown - currently in the UK

Old pictures from an ebay auction. Link voltage selector set to 245v. Note that the redundant hole for the Transonic mast is present by the mains transformer. Presumably at this point, old chassis were being used up.

Dome voltage selector

Serial number 921 - currently in the USA

A grey panel amp. The chassis has rectangular vents on its underside. Thanks to Jake for the picture.

Serial number 941 - currently in the USA

Complete with roller trolley. The Woden driver transformer has the date code "JV" = September 1964. Note that the original blue Hunts filter capacitors are in place, and that the amp was fitted with a grey Radiospares 0.05uf snubber capacitor over the mains switch. This RS cap was only added to amps made for export to the USA and is not on the schematic.

Serial number 1001 (or 1061?)

Serial number 1124

It may be necessary to move the entry for this amp. Despite the serial number, a link voltage selector is present.

From this point, amps are designated "MT 60"

Serial number 1150


Serial number 1163

The box now contains an earlier black panel chassis. The serial number plate belongs to the box. Thanks to Jake for the picture.

Serial number 1263

Serial number 1276 - currently in the USA


Serial number 1328

The cab is missing its 12" speaker, but otherwise the set is in good order.

Serial number 1606

Sold on ebay in December 2006. The blurb read: "The amp is operational in so much as it comes on and will reproduce a Bass sound but it really needs a trip to the tech. It is missing its Celestion Blue but still retains its big Celestion cast frame 15".The 'T60' banner/flag is original and intact as is everything about this amp other than the items I just mentioned. It also still retains its model plate with serial number ..MT60/01606.. mounted under the head."

Serial number 1640

Serial number 1781

"AMPLIFIER" on the serial number plate


Serial number 1982 - currently in the UK

A very late T60. The Woden choke has the date code "EX" = May 1966. Note that the serial number plate has "AMPLIFIER" rather than "VOX AMPLIFIER", and that the details are hand-stamped.


Serial number 2041 - currently in the UK

Hand-stamped serial number plate (02041), as the amp above. Original large plastic feet on the underside.