Early VOX T60 amplifiers - copper panel - 1964

early 1964 - late 1964

In progress - March 2021

The change from the earlier black panels - - to copper was probably a gradual process in early 1964. Copper was certainly the norm, so far as we can tell, for amps with serial numbers in the 500s, and it may also have been the norm too for those in the 400s. As further info accumulates, it will probably be possible to narrow these ranges.

Boxes at first have solid tops and no ornamentation. Later, in the second quarter of '64, we find two vents (top front edge) and lines of gold piping, front and back.

At some point in the copper panel run, the large circular hole in the chassis and the cut-outs in the rear upright (all three to enable the amp to be set up as a ) were dropped.

A black panel amp (s.n. 268) showing the cut-outs in question

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Serial number 469 - currently in Germany

Supplied in the 1960s by Chris Stevens Music Centre, Southend (a red shop plate on the transformer cover). The Music Centre was in Queens Road. The amp was serviced in the 2000s by Dennis Cornell, who had worked for Jennings Musical Industries. It was sold on ebay in 2006, and is currently on offer at the - further pics on the site.

Serial number 518 - currently in the UK

A later chassis with a grey control panel slipped into an early box, the original serial number plate still present:

The first two pics from the auction 2014, the third a recent one (the amp is again for sale).

Two lines of gold piping around box, vents in top

From this point one finds Albion transformers in some amps, and yellow Dubilier 2500uf capacitors instead of blue Hunts.

Serial number unknown

Box unfortunately lacking. Still a mast hole in the main chassis plinth, but no cut-outs for connectors on the rear upright. Stamped with a chassis number: 1123 (?)

Serial number 526 - currently in the UK

Paired with a 1x12" + 1x15" speaker cabinet with small plastic logo. Note that the amp box has vents and gold string.

Serial number 575 - currently in the USA

Serial number 593 - currently in Russia

Bought new in June 1964. .


Serial number 664 - currently in the USA

Thanks to Jake for the picture.


Serial number 676 - currently in the UK

Serial number unknown - currently in the UK

Note that by this point, both the hole in the main chassis plinth and the two holes for connectors in the rear upright have been phased out.

Serial number unknown - currently in the USA

"The Vets" were an English band that formed in Hornsea in 1976, assuming of course this is the band in question. They were part of the punk scene from '78.

Serial number unknown - currently in the USA

Covered in smooth charcoal rexine. The vents have the "VOX" logo.

Serial number unknown - currently in Europe

Excellent condition but not a great deal of detail to go on.


Serial number 721 - currently in the UK

Charcoal coloured rexine. Albion transformers and yellow Dubilier filter capacitors. Two speaker outputs have been added under the control panel. The amp is in good working order. Thanks to Ash for the pictures.

Serial number 761 - currently in the USA

Serial number 797 - currently in the UK?

Probably among the last of the copper panels. Said to date from September 1963.

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