Vox Promotions, Prices and Adverts for the T60

Advertising for the T60 was plentiful in 1962 and 1963, as one might expect - not only in special ads issued by JMI, but in a series of photos of groups taken by Dezo Hoffman in mid 1963. By mid 1964, however, the pace begins to drop,greater attention being given to the newer bass amps - the AC50 and AC100.

It is perhaps worth noting that in the battery of equipment provided by JMI for the NME Poll Winners concert, 26th April 1964, there is not a T60 to be seen - perhaps only to be expected, but useful to bear in mind all the same.

Vox advert from late 1962. The legend reads:


The only transistor amplifier existing that provides a guaranteed 60 watt output through specially designed 15" loudspeakers.

Jet Harris and other guitar bassists who now feature "melody" in the low register find, in company with other users of VOX equipment, that they get the right sound at the right time. THEY RELY ON VOX.

Vox catalogue from late 1962. The blurb reads:

"Transistor Bass amplifier. The VOX T60 Bass model amplifier is the first of its kind to emerge in Europe. With 60 watts output maximum British rating, the console which houses the controls separately and weighs ony 14lbs, drives a single cabinet housing two fifteen inch loudspeakers for 30 watts, or two similar cabinets for full sixty watt performance. The tone is free from distortion and with transistors, instant power from switch-on plus greater reliabilty are two important features. Featured by Jet Harris and other foremost Bass Guitarists."


"Beat Monthly" magazine, June 1963.

"Beat Monthly" magazine, December 1963. Paul McCartney had stopped using the T60 by this time, however.

The Hollies, 1963,  promotional picture

The Hollies, mid 1963 (?). No picture has come to light so far, however, of The Hollies using a T60 on stage or in the studio.

Rolling Stones,  promotional picture

The Stones, July 1963. Dezo Hoffmann photo session.

Rolling Stones, promotional picture

The Stones, July 1963, from the same session as above. Note that there are no speakers in the AC30 at right.

Same session as above.

The Stones, Dutch Vox brochure, 1964 (?).

The Escorts, T60 bass amplifier

The Escorts, 1963? Probably the promotional equipment that had been lent to the Stones. One can see that the AC30 at left lacks speakers.

The Swinging Blue Jeans, a promotional picture printed in the "Arlington Heights Herald", April 1965. The original was probably shot in 1963 - the same roster of equipment as above - two AC30s and a T60, the cab with perspex logo.


Catalogue of February 1964. In contrast to the early advert at the top of this page, the speaker cabinet specified is a 1x12" x 1x15".

"Precision in Sound" flyer, late 1964.

Vox advertisement from The Chicago Tribune, 13th December 1964. The Thomas Organ Studios at the Golf Mill Shopping Center was about 2 miles away from O'Hare International Airport. The picture of The Beatles is over a year out of date - see the ad above, June 1963.


"King of the Beat" American flyer, late 1964 / early 1965.

"Million Dollar Sound" American flyer, early 1965. The T60 is now the "Bristol Bass" for the American market.

The Bill Cotton Band, advertisement in a concert programme, Scarborough, July 1965.