BANDS WITH VOX T60 and MT60 amplifiers - 1960s

For promotional photos issued by Vox showing the Beatles, Hollies, Rolling Stones, and The Escorts with T60s .

The Beatles

Paul McCartney certainly had the T60 for the show at the Liverpool Empire, 24th March 1963. The shot of the band in the famous promotional picture published in "Beat Instrumental" magazine, June 1963, may have been taken on that day.

By early August the amplifier section was put aside - replaced by an AC30ST head - but the speaker cabinet remains.

However, the T60 was not gone for good. It is seen on the Swedish tour of October 1963.

A detail from the advert for the T60 in "Beat Instrumental" magazine, June 1963. The full-page ad .

Liverpool Empire, 24th March 1963

Liverpool Empire, 24th March 1963.

"Pop Weekly", no. 41, 1964. The logo of the speaker cabinet missing its "X". The picture was taken at the Albert Hall, 18 April '63.

Albert Hall, 18 April '63.

Blackpool, ABC Cinema, 14th August 1963. Paul with the AC30 ST head on the T60 cabinet.

Stockholm, i Kungliga Tennishallen, 26th October 1963. The rear of the T60 amp is just visible lower left.

Other Bands

The Roulettes pictured in "Beat Monthly", January 1964, with a T60 set.

The Zephyrs, 1964

The Zephyrs, a Stockton band, 1964.

The Rolling Stones on the set of Ready Steady Go, either 23rd June or 26th July, 1964, with a brown-fronted T60 behind. Picture from Getty Images.

Brian Jones pictured with two T60s - one lower left, and an amp and cab behind.

The Shags / Shaggs (USA) with their T60, autumn 1965.

The London Beats, late 1965.