VOX T60 amplifiers - updates page


1st March

The page on T60s with has been rearranged slightly and updated.

28th February (3)

Some more on the Vox Transonic on the way. For the time being, a rough print picture of Peter Jay and the Jaywalkers published in "Melody Maker" magazine, August 1963.

The Transonics, just in view, have four control knobs. Note the T60 bass in beige.

28th February (2)

Just to add that the T60 speaker cabinet that now bears the serial number plate of T60 amplifier number 248 (black panel) cannot have been the original as it has black basketweave vinyl. Basketweave seems to come in with the first T60s with copper panels.

28th February

Three more amps added - 676 (copper panel); and 921, and 2041 (grey panels). 2041 brings the picture to late 1967 / early 1968. T60s were still being advertised in the United Kingdom and Germany in 1967. The new range of solid state amps, introduced in early Spring, gradually pushed older models (aside from the AC30 and AC50) out though.

27th February

Updates are now in progress. Thanks to Jake, serial number 664, , has now been registered; and thanks to Ash, serial number 721, also copper panel. On the page, the serial number plate of 248 has been posted.

Serial number 721.

6th February

After a longish period of inactivity, the site will be underway again soon - a good number of updates coming.