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From late 1962 to late 1963, when the 18" Foundation Bass unit came into being, T60 cabs were the only cabinet expressly made for bass by Vox.

And of course, production of T60 cabs continued, in hand with T60 amplifiers, all the way through to the end of 1966 / early 1967.

Care is needed in assigning possible dates to cabs based solely on the type of logo affixed. As with control panels and components in amplifiers, there is a good deal of overlap between types of logo, speakers, and so on.

Late 1962 to early 1963

2 x 15" cut-outs and 2 x 15" speakers

As the advert below indicates and a certain number of survivals show, the earliest T60 speaker cabinets had 2 x 15" speakers.

Early Vox T60 bass amplifier

The photo of the early T60 pictured in this advert was re-used in later promotional literature through to 1964. Note that the logo is perspex. At this point the cabinets had two 15" speakers.

First third or half of 1963

2 x 15" cut-outs, but 1 x 12" and 1 x 15" speakers

In 1963 the decision was made to equip the T60 cabinet with one 12" and one 15" driver instead of 2 x 15". A number of cabinets that were originally made to take two 15" units were ingeniously converted by the bolting in of a board for the 12" speaker in the upper section of the box.

The reason for the change? To give more definition to the sound.

Just to add that the original design of the cabinets and subsequent change had nothing to do with the AC100 (as has been ventured). The AC100 came along much later - in early 1964.

Speaker cab from 1963 (with original drivers) sold in South Africa, 2018. Cut-outs for two 15" speakers. Inside: one blue Celestion T530 12" and one blue Tannoy 15". The runner lower right is: "BASS". Note the supporting board inside for the 12" speaker.

The Beatles playing Plymouth, 13th November 1963. The T60 amplifier is long gone but the cab remains. One can just see that it has 2 x 15" cut-outs. Paul took receipt of the cab in late March 1963.See .

Wimbledon Palais, 14th December 1963. The two 15" cutouts are perhaps even more evident in this pic.

From mid 1963

1 x 12" and 1 x 15" cut-outs

Serial number 311 - black panel. Cut-outs for one 12" and one 15" speaker. Perspex logo. The BASS runner probably repositioned.

  • T60 set from 1964
  • T60 set from 1964

Possibly a black panel amp. Cut-outs for one 12" and one 15" speaker. Plain perspex logo - no cross-bar across the "O".

  • Perspex logo from a T60 cab
  • Perspex logo from a T60 cab
  • Perspex logo from a T60 cab
  • Perspex logo from a T60 cab
  • Perspex logo from a T60 cab

A perspex logo devoid of letters now and detached from its cab. Note that the letters were glued rather than pinned on.


A small box diamond input AC50 from the second quarter of 1964. The cab has one Celestion T530 12" speaker and one Celestion T900 15" speaker. Logo on a wooden block - individual letters, cross-bar across the "O". It should be said that this type of logo also appears on cabs known to have been made in late 1962 / early 1963.

Accompanying amplifier serial no. 593. One 12" and one 15" driver. The logo is a wooden block with individual letters attached. The runner lower right is: "BASS". Bought new in June 1964 - - but probably made some months earlier.

One 12" and one 15" driver. The logo is black plastic. The runner lower right is "T60 BASS".

A 15" Celestion T1074 15ohm speaker

By mid 1964

Silver (poly grey) Celestions

Serial number 941. One Celestion 12" T1096 15ohm and one 15" Celestion T1109.